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Morrisons and Amazon expanding same-day deliveries

Morrisons and Amazon say they will expand their same-day delivery service for groceries to Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield and Portsmouth.
Morrisons agreed to supply Amazon with groceries in 2016 and the service now includes delivery within the hour for some customers.
So far shoppers in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and some parts of London can use the same-day service.
More cities will be added in "future years," the two companies said.
Yesterday, Waitrose & Partners said it would extend its own two-hour delivery service beyond London, to Bath and Hove.
In a tweet, Natalie Berg, an analyst at NBK Retail said: "Deliverywars are on! As a customer, I think Prime Now is still pretty clunky but getting groceries delivered in a couple of hours is definitely game changer."
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