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Snow disruption: Is my boss expecting me at work?

It may not be a return of the Beast from the East, but snow and ice are expected to cause widespread travel disruption in the UK in the coming days.
Drivers have already faced delays, a number of schools in Scotland have shut, and the Met Office is predicting up to 10cm (4in) of snowfall on higher ground.
People will begin to wonder whether their journey to work will be disrupted and, if so, what are their rights to take the day off.

Do I still get paid?

In most cases you are not automatically entitled to pay if you are unable to get to work because of travel disruption or bad weather.
If your employer normally provides your travel to work and this has been cancelled because of the bad weather you should still be paid, according to the employment advice and conciliation service Acas.
It is a good idea for employees to remind themselves of their contract. Some jobs may also have a specific clause written in, or have a collective agreement in place, which means an employer will pay staff who cannot get to work owing to circumstances beyond their control.
Some employers might also make discretionary, informal arrangements. For example, they may let employees work from home, or agree that the time can be made up at a later date
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