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Farmageddon is nigh – and recruiting for the undead

Think your job is hell? Ever thought of turning to the dark side… or unleashing your inner zombie?
If so, you might be in luck. Lancashire’s haunted attraction Farmageddon, near Ormskirk, is recruiting its latest legion of the undead.
Farmageddon has announced two recruitment days will be held – 9 and 16 May – during which potential monsters will be auditioned.
Farm owner Mark Edwards offered four tips on how to be a good zombie via local publication Southport Visiter [sic]: 
• Be disciplined (health and safety!)
• Be outgoing (to scare the crowds, not be scared of them)
• Think outside the box – in previous years, staff have worn their own ‘scary’ contact lenses and fake teeth
• You must be undead (and aged over 18!)
Sounds like an horrific experience will be had by all who think they have a ghost of a chance to enter the harrowing hiring experience. Ghoul luck to everyone!
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