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Recruitment marketers: align marketing message with consultants

Recruitment marketers need to align the message they spread about their company across social media with that of consultants on the ground, according to Alex Charraudeau, media solutions consultant at LinkedIn.
Speaking at an event organised by the professional network in London today, Charraudeau recommended a number of techniques for recruitment marketers to better engage HR professionals on LinkedIn.
These include:
• Developing a persona for the content’s target audience – working out the profile of the HR professional
• Speaking to relationship managers on LinkedIn to find out what kind of background followers have, whether they work in HR and what they do
• Generating content that solves problems this target persona faces, as well as helps them do their job
• Including testimonials from HR professionals agencies have helped find work
• Finding content that works by using a site called to track the effectiveness of content on HR websites and competitor recruitment agency sites
• Directing users to links to relevant target pages with key content and not generic homepages 
• Using UTM tags within Google Analytics to track the success of their marketing campaign. A UTM code is a simple code attached to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium and campaign name. This enables Google Analytics to tell marketers where searchers came from, as well as what campaign directed them to the marketer’s site
• Finding thought leaders within your network and linking up with to create relevant content for you
But these techniques are a waste of time if the marketers’ message is not aligned with that of the consultants on the phones and meeting clients every day, according to Charraudeau.
He told the audience: “If you go out to market as a thought leader, talking about your industry, saying you are experts in recruitment and helping our clients in the marketplace, focusing on retention and best quality hire, what are the sales guys saying? 
“If they are saying something completely different – if these guys are talking about discount stuff and you are talking about value stuff – there is a huge disconnect there and that doesn’t make sense for anyone.
“Making sure the online experience and the offline experience marry up is crucial.”
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