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Recruit for Spouses tackles anti-military bias

Military spouses, usually wives, face discrimination when trying to find work, including from recruiters, and often feel they must hide their military association to get jobs, said Recruit for Spouses founder and chief executive Heledd Kendrick.
Although they may be highly skilled professionals, employers generally assume they will only be in one place for a limited time before following their partners to a new posting. Also, postings to countries where they cannot get work permits often leads to gaps in their CVs.
Kendrick founded the Wiltshire-based social enterprise in 2009 in response to this problem. She said while overt or not, a bias against military spouses definitely exists. 
Claire Seagrave, a military wife and experienced personal assistant (PA) gave up her career to have children and “follow the flag” — follow her husband to various postings. When trying to reignite her career, she said she experienced “a lot of discrimination”. 
She said Kendrick’s work “was like a breath of fresh air”. Seagrave is now operations director for motivational speaker agency Military Speakers, the company she found work with via Recruit for Spouses. 
Recruit for Spouses, with five military wives turned part-time recruitment consultants based around the UK, has helped over 500 military spouses find work in the last four years, says Kendrick, but she wants more employers and recruiters to tackle the bias.
It is particularly important now, she said, with the re-basing of 20,000 troops from Germany by 2020, as announced by the government in 2010. Most troops will be bought back to the UK by the end of 2016.
To recruiters and employers, she said: “We’re not looking for special treatment, just a level playing field.”
Sarah Marquet
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