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Will you Graduate into Underemployment?

Underemployment may be a term that graduates are more familiar with than students. It is a phenomenon that has been increasingly creeping up on each generation of graduates since the 2008 recession, and refers to graduates who are working in a low-skilled job, or unable to secure full-time hours.
Data released by the Office for National Statistics last year showed 47% of recent graduates are working in jobs which do not require a higher education qualification.
Stephanie Raybould, 22, who graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in events management, began her career positively, working for the events company she interned at during her placement year in London.
However, the role was only temporary and Raybould now works for a hospitality agency while she job hunts. She says the main challenge in finding full-time work is the time required for it. “Due to the competition, it’s necessary to create bespoke applications ensuring that you can apply specific skills to the role because of the high amount of top graduates.
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