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Students fear for future despite ‘economic recovery’

Students do not share the same confidence as the government when it comes to economic recovery, after a survey said undergraduates’ confidence in finding a job has fallen steadily since the beginning of the year.

A new quarterly graduate confidence index, unveiled last week, shows that students are less confident now than they were at the start of 2014.

The trendence UK Graduate Confidence Index is a quarterly Index which tracks undergraduates’ confidence in getting a graduate job after leaving university and is based on a snapshot poll of at least 3,000 students across all disciplines and  universities.

The figures showed that in every index in 2014, male students are considerably more confident than female students and first year students are significantly more confident than final year students.

There is a huge difference between the least confident and the most confident by degree; social scientists are 17 points below medicine in terms of their confidence.

Those who were privately educated are more confident than those educated in the state sector.

The most confident students live in the North-West of England, the least confident in London.

The least confident group of all are female, state-educated, final-year students reading Social Sciences and living in London. - See more at:
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