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Major teacher recruitment drive launched

Incentives of up to £30,000 are set to make teaching the profession of choice for top maths and English graduates.

A recruitment drive to attract top graduates to train as teachers of maths and English in the education and training sector has been launched by the Education and Training Foundation.

International evidence shows that the UK is not keeping pace with improvements in the maths and English of our young people. Forty per cent of 16 year olds fail to get a GCSE at grade C or above in maths and English at school.

To tackle this, the Government has set a tough new requirement that all young people who lack a GCSE in maths or English must continue to work towards it.

The Education and Training Foundation has set an ambitious goal to recruit more high calibre graduates to train and teach in Further Education colleges and training centres in England. Generous financial incentives could be worth up to £30,000 for the right individuals – on top of salaries.

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