Buzz People

Buzz Commercial.
Staff for administration and sales.


Perhaps the area with the most diverse skill set, Buzz’s commercial database includes a comprehensive range of professionals and specialists. All candidates are assessed to determine their skills, motivations, qualifications, long-term career goals, personality and ideal employer. Whether they’ve got their 25m swimming badge, just in case!

Commercial quality

The specialist nature of the vacancies we fill often require candidates who have either specific qualifications or experience. We not only match the best qualified candidate, but we take the time to ensure that the candidate will gel with the business and add value to the company. Because we love it when everyone gets on!

Catagories of staff
  • Administration
  • Call centre
  • Marketing
  • Reception
  • Telesales/telemarketing
  • Human resource specialists
  • Sales executives
  • Customer service
  • Secretaries/PA's
  • Legal secretaries
  • Accounts
  • Managers
  • Finance
  • Insurance
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