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How to get a lucrative job in cyber security

One of Oscar Anaya's earliest successful hacks was in to a personal computer he shared with his older sister when he was 11 years old.
"My sister wanted to play some weird game on the computer and didn't want me to use it, so she locked it with a password," he says.
Undaunted, he began turning the machine off and on again, which led him to discover Safe Mode in Windows XP. "It allowed me to log in as the administrator of the personal computer and change the password," he says.
"My sister was baffled when she got home," he adds. "She wondered how I got in."
This early hack by Mr Anaya was just the beginning of his circuitous route into his career as an IT security, or cybersecurity, professional. His route took him from music producer to security alarm installer to an apprentice on a hacking programme.
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