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200 Interviews!

Frustrated young jobseeker Jamie Gilliam is just 22, but he estimates he's already done around 200 job interviews without success.
Despite gaining a first-class politics degree from King's College London last year, he is finding the going tough.
Having started by applying for jobs that suited his degree, such as working for an MP or the civil service, he has now broadened his horizons to look for any kind of administrative role that will give him some experience.
"It's a very difficult time to be looking for a job. There are fewer opportunities because of the pandemic," he told the BBC.
Jamie, who lives with his parents in Romford in Essex, is not alone in his plight. Young people have been hit particularly hard by the labour market fallout from coronavirus, says a new report.
Workers aged under 24 account for nearly half of the total fall in employment during the economic slump, according to research by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES).
At the same time, more people are chasing fewer jobs, so young people are struggling to enter the employment market, the IES says.
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