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Women working longer hours than men

The split between genders in the amount of paid and unpaid work they do has shrunk over the last 40 years, according to a think tank.
A new study by the Resolution Foundation found that men in the UK are doing fewer paid hours and women more.
The foundation says that women and men are almost equal in terms of overall hours worked, clocking in 50 and 51 hours a week respectively.
However, men get paid for 10 more of their weekly hours than women do.
Since the 1970s, women have increased their paid working hours by more than five hours to 22 per week, and have cut unpaid hours, which include childcare duties and household chores, by almost three.
Meanwhile, men have cut their paid hours by more than eight to 34 per week. The number of unpaid hours worked has increased by more than five a week.
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