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Tower of London Beefeaters facing job cuts

Beefeaters guarding the Tower of London face "heartbreaking" redundancies to cut costs following a drop in visitors.
The pandemic forced the closure of six sites run by Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), and "dealt a devastating blow" to its finances, bosses said.
The Tower attracted nearly three million visitors in 2018, making it the UK's most popular paid for attraction.
HRP confirmed a voluntary redundancy scheme was in place and compulsory redundancies were likely to follow.
The organisation believes it is the first time the guards have faced redundancy since the unit was formed by Henry VII in 1485.
John Barnes, HRP's chief executive, said: "Historic Royal Palaces is a self-funded charity. We depend on visitors for 80% of our income.
"We are heartbroken it has come to this.
"We have taken every possible measure to secure our financial position, but we need to do more to survive in the long term.
"We simply have no choice but to reduce our payroll costs."
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