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Easy Jet job losses

EasyJet has been accused of intending to use pilots' sickness records when drawing up plans for over 700 job cuts.
The Balpa pilots' union said it was "unnecessary and wrong", claiming the airline was risking safety because unwell staff would report for work.
EasyJet said general absenteeism could form part of its assessment, but denied sickness might be a key component.
The airline said it had put forward initial proposals for talks with Balpa which were at a very early stage.
EasyJet is planning 727 pilot redundancies as part of up to 4,500 job cuts and a restructuring that includes closing bases at Stansted, Southend and Newcastle airports.
The airline has blamed the collapse in air travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Ahead of the start of formal talks, Balpa said the airline has told pilot representatives it will use sickness as a component in choosing who loses their job.
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