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British Gas demand new contract for some staff

British Gas-owner Centrica will tell thousands of staff to accept new working conditions, including no extra overtime pay, or risk their jobs.
The firm said if employees don't sign the contract, there will be a fresh wave of layoffs, although it insists that is a "last resort".
Centrica has already outlined 5,000 job cuts as customer numbers tumble.
The firm said it had "been open about the changes" needed to win back customers.
The proposals are all subject to a consultation period with unions, the company stressed.
"Our employees' base pay and pensions will be protected, but simplifying and modernising their terms is essential if we're to become more flexible and price competitive," said Centrica.
"We have over 80 different employee contracts with 7,000 variations of terms, many of which are outdated and stop us delivering for customers."
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