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Coronavirus: Workers describe being hit by job losses and uncertainty

Life in the UK has largely been put on hold, hitting businesses and their employees hard. Many sectors have already seen widespread redundancies, with firms warning thousands more jobs could be wiped out.
"I'm not angry, I don't blame anyone," says Holly Eyre, 28.
She has moved back home with her parents in Leeds, after being made redundant from her "dream job" of managing a bar and restaurant in Newcastle, where she has lived for the past eight years.
Ms Eyre says around half the staff at the independent restaurant have been let go because of the virus. "Moments after the advice came [to avoid non-essential travel], we started receiving cancellation calls," she says.
"As a brand new member of the team, I'd only been there a couple of weeks," she says.
Ms Eyre, who is also a trained English teacher, says she is going to change jobs. "I don't think the hospitality sector will survive the next few months."
Ms Eyre says the government's plan to pay 80% of wages for staff kept on by employers comes too late. It is understood the plan will apply to firms that have already laid off workers - but only if they are brought back into the workforce by bosses.
"I have been made redundant on Tuesday, as have so many others," she says. "This does not help me."
But she adds: "I'm not in a difficult situation really. I have got my parents to fall back on," she says. "I'm really lucky."
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