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Cafe and bar jobs 'gone by May' if laws do not change - trade body

Hotel, cafe and dining chains will fail and jobs will go if the government does not do more to help the industry, a trade group has warned the chancellor.
In a letter to Rishi Sunak, lobby group UK Hospitality said coronavirus was an "existential threat" to the sector.
It wants to change laws to allow temporary staff redundancies.
UK Hospitality boss Kate Nicholls said, without help, "a significant number" of jobs could disappear by May.
In the letter, seen by the BBC, Ms Nicholls suggested broader support for the sector such as introducing measures "to permit temporary staff redundancies where demand falls substantially - with Universal Credit covering wage costs".
Other government policies UK Hospitality would like to see include a business rates holiday for all businesses regardless of size, all payments to HMRC suspended for three months and Government Statutory Sick Pay payments to all hospitality businesses.
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