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BA boss tells staff jobs will go because of coronavirus

British Airways is to ground flights 'like never before' and lay off staff in response to the coronavirus.
BA boss Alex Cruz sent a video message to all staff on Friday warning jobs would go as a result of the impact of coronavirus on the airline's business.
He also warned that the airline industry is facing a "crisis of global proportions" worse than SARS or 9/11.
The message was titled "The Survival of British Airways".
Mr Cruz said: "We can no longer sustain our current level of employment and jobs would be lost - perhaps for a short term, perhaps longer term."
The airline is in talks with unions but gave no further details about the scale of the likely job losses in the video message transcript seen by the BBC.
The airline boss said that British Airways, which is owned by FTSE 100 company IAG, was suspending routes and parking planes in a way they had "never had to do before".
British Airways would "continue to do our best for customers and offer them as much flexibility as we can", Mr Cruz said in the video.
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