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Workers blame 'painful jobs' for pulling sickies

Some 8.6 million people threw sick days last year because they found their jobs "too painful", a survey suggests.
Released on what some dub "National Sickie Day", the research claimed concerns about work culture, colleagues and workloads were to blame.
However, it also said 12 million workers went to work genuinely sick.
The IT company Insight, which did the research, warned of "serious issues within organisations' culture" and called for more flexible working.
It based the findings on a Kantar survey of 1,250 working adults, done over a week in January this year.
The responses were weighted to draw a picture of the wider working population, which numbers almost 33 million people.
"Employers have a duty of care to their employees to look after their safety and wellbeing, and this includes their physical and mental health," said Tom Neil, Acas Senior Adviser.
"For people to be able to be honest about how they feel at work, good work practices including having an inclusive culture and effective people management are key."
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