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New advice issued to prevent workplace harassment

Pub banter and social media posts could be classed as workplace harassment, the UK's equality watchdog has warned.
New guidance setting out steps for preventing harassment and victimisation in the workplace has been issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).
The advice includes developing effective policies, training and knowing how to deal with complaints.
In time, the new guidance will become statutory measures enforceable by law.
The EHRC said there was an "overwhelming" need for tougher action on harassment in the workplace.
Such harassment can include offensive, humiliating, intimidating, hostile or degrading behaviour relating to race, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability or religion.
According to a survey conducted by trade union body the TUC in 2019, more than 70% of LGBTQ+ workers said that they had experienced sexual harassment at work, while seven out of 10 Asian and Black workers reported experiencing racial harassment at work. Many incidents of Islamophobia and antisemitism were also reported.
One-third of respondents had experienced age discrimination in the past year, and women were 8% more likely to experience age prejudice than men.
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