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The rise of 'presenteeism'

How many times have you gone in to work when you're really not up to it?
It's called presenteeism and it's on the rise.
A study by health insurer Vitality has found that more than 40% of employees said their work was being affected by health problems - a figure that's risen by a third over the last five years.
It found that people are putting aside both mental and physical health problems to attend work.
And in its recent annual Health and Well-Being at Work Survey Report the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) also found evidence of unhealthy trends in the workplace.
The CIPD said more than four-fifths (83%) of its respondents had observed presenteeism in their organisation, and a quarter (25%) said the problem had got worse since the previous year.


Sarah Mitchell-Hume didn't know anything about mental health when she had a panic attack at her desk.
She was two years into her career in engineering recruitment, a job she absolutely loved, when she suddenly became unwell. Sarah was diagnosed with depression.
"I felt pressurised to go back to work, even though I was signed off sick," she recalls.
"I was physically present but mentally I wasn't doing anything. And I'd just zone out, there was nothing going on behind my eyes. I think I just cleared my inbox every day. It made me more ill. I should've been at home recovering."
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