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Millennial men demand better parental leave

Yash Puri returned from three months parental leave last week and immediately decided to spread the word about the benefit of spending time with his young children.
"I see dads in the office who want to know about my story. They say: 'I wish I could do that', and I say: 'You can do it, you've got to bite the bullet'," the 37-year-old IT expert says.
Mr Puri - a father of two - says many organisations don't know how to support new dads.
"They are struggling how to understand to support the men. I don't think men know themselves they can do this," says Mr Puri, who is a partner at IT consultancy FIS.
Taking parental leave is not always straightforward, not least because of the cost involved.
The TUC has said problems can occur at the point that workers fall back on statutory pay when they take time out.
Analysis by the University of Birmingham found only 9,200 new parents (just over 1% of those entitled) took shared parental leave in 2017-18.
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