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McDonald's UK staff join global day of protests over pay

McDonald's workers in the UK have gone on strike as part of a global day of protests over pay.
Staff at six London stores walked out, while protests were held across the UK. There was also action in the US, France, Germany, Brazil and Chile.
McDonald's said that the strikers represented a "tiny proportion" of its UK workforce.
The fast food giant was also hit with a legal action in the US over sexual harassment claims.
The lawsuit alleges rampant harassment at a Michigan McDonald's franchise, which went ignored by management and was "emblematic" of a broader problem at the company.
The filing adds to roughly 50 complaints filed against the company in recent years over sexual harassment, according to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, which is working on the suit.
McDonald's has said it has revamped its harassment training and policies in recent years and is working with its franchises to implement the updates. However, lawyers working on the suit say their clients have seen little change.
"They are the definition of window dressing," said Gillian Thomas, of the American Civil Liberties Union, which is working on the issue.
Workers in the protests are demanding an end to "poverty pay" rates and better terms and conditions.
In the UK, McDonald's workers are calling for a rise in pay to £15 an hour - over a third more than what they currently earn.
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