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Freelancers should be paid higher minimum wage

Contractors and other flexible workers should enjoy a higher minimum wage than those with secure employment, the Demos think tank has urged.
A higher rate would insulate workers from some of the risk they face as a result of unsecure earnings.
The think tank also suggests that banks or trade unions could administer benefits such as holiday pay.
The report, financed by NatWest bank, suggested access to loans and mortgages was poorer for flexible workers.
"Self-employed workers are not protected by the safety net that many of us take for granted, from sick pay to maternity cover," said author Ben Glover
"This bargain is only fair if self-employed people earn enough to cover the additional risk they take on, but too often in Britain today this is simply not happening. That's why we are calling for a new, higher minimum wage for the self-employed."
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