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Asda's contract changes are 'just not fair'

Cathy Murphy has worked for Asda for the last 44 years and says it has been an "absolutely amazing employer".
However, recently the supermarket chain told Ms Murphy she will be fired unless she signs up to a new contract that will strip her of her long-service benefits, paid tea breaks and Bank Holidays off.
She is one of thousands of employees who have been told to sign the new contract before 2 November or leave the business. But Ms Murphy describes it as "just not fair".
The GMB union says up to 12,000 workers face a choice between signing the new contracts - which increase wages to £9 an hour but scrap many other perks - or being sacked in the run up to Christmas.
But Asda told the BBC: "This contract is an investment of more than £80m and increases real pay for over 100,000 colleagues."
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