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‘My boss lets me set my own salary’

Where 25-year-old Cecilia Manduca works there is a "pay self-assessment process". Put simply, the workers there decide how much they are worth and should be paid.
Recently she awarded herself a £7,000 pay rise, taking her annual salary to £37,000.
"I felt a lot of doubts asking for that raise," she told BBC Radio 5 Live's Wake Up To Money.
"It took a lot of talks with other people. I was aware that my job had changed. I was aware I was going way beyond my targets.
"I knew that from a rational point of view I deserved that higher rate. But I had a lot of self-doubt and I felt sort of greedy because there's always a stigma - a sense you should feel happy with what you have.
"When I spoke with my colleagues internally and asked for advice, the advice they gave me was that yes I did deserve it and I was worth it."
Her employer, GrantTree, helps UK business get government funding and all of its 45 staff set their own salary, which they can review as often as they like.
Self-set pay is the latest innovation among companies that are competing for the top talent and want to show they offer the most attractive employment terms.
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