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BAME positive discrimination 'needed when hiring for jobs'

Positive discrimination in favour of black and ethnic minority women applying for jobs is needed in Wales, a union boss has said.
Figures suggest black and minority ethnic (BAME) women in Wales are much more likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts.
Positive discrimination is currently illegal under the Equality Act 2010.
But Shavanah Taj, Wales' first Muslim woman to lead a union, said: "How else is change ever going to come?"
Ms Taj - head of the PCS trade union in Wales - said organisations also needed to look at progressing BAME employees up the career ladder.
"Positive discrimination should not be a dirty word. Where are [BAME women]? They're not in the boardrooms, they're not on the boards of organisations. There are no BAME women assembly members.
"It's not that people are incapable or don't have the training or skill set, but there's clearly some barriers that we've got to overcome."
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