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Britain's oldest building firm collapses

Britain's oldest building firm, R Durtnell and Sons, has ceased trading, putting more than 100 jobs at risk.
The company was founded in 1591, and has been run by 13 generations of the same family.
It was working on a £22m project to refurbish parts of the Royal Pavilion Estate, when it failed.
The firm, based in Brasted in Kent, started building in the time of Elizabeth I and built timber-framed houses.
They started as carpenter-builders, who didn't build in brick or stone, but exclusively in wood.
The business built Poundsbridge Manor in Kent in 1593. It is still standing, and is a short distance from Brasted.
The timber-framed house was one of several built by family ancestor Bryan Darknal for Elizabethan merchants.
The family remained as carpenter-builders until the 1800s, when Richard Durtnell bought a much larger premises.
He set himself up as a general builder, and the business flourished.
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