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Apprenticeship v university: What course to take?

Remember that moment when the school careers adviser leant over the desk and asked: "So what are you planning to do next?"
It's a daunting decision when you're 17.
A university degree costs tens of thousands of pounds, although the evidence suggests it can boost your earning potential later.
On the other hand, an apprenticeship lets you earn as you learn, but life gets serious pretty fast.
Apprenticeships are shaking off a reputation for low-paid drudgery and there are more higher-level apprenticeships coming on stream. But competition for the best opportunities is as fierce as it is for the top university places.
So if you're leaving school, does it make sense to aim for one of those coveted places? Or are you missing out if you don't go for the campus experience? Recent apprentices and graduates have shared their experiences with us.
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