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Replacing failed shops 'won't save city centres'

Authorities should focus on attracting high-paying office jobs to support city centres rather than replacing "failed shops", according to a think tank.
The Centre for Cities suggests that people will come back to the High Street for restaurants and cafes if there are good jobs to be had nearby.
"Successful city centres feature fewer shops, but are supported by 'knowledge-based' office jobs," it said.
It added government cash was needed to attract office jobs and leisure firms.
Good quality office space should be preserved rather than allowing it to become flats, the think tank said.
"We must remember that a successful High Street is the result, not the driver, of a successful city economy," Centre for Cities chief executive Andrew Carter said.
"Instead of trying to replace failed shops with more retail, investors and policy makers should focus their strategies on making struggling city centres attractive places to do business and spend leisure time - not just to shop."
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