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Wage squeeze worst in modern history says TUC

The UK's real wage squeeze will be the worst in modern history and the slowest for 200 years, according to union data.
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) says wages have lagged behind inflation since 2008 and are worth £24 less in real terms than in 2008.
It says they won't recover until 2025, by which time, it says, workers will have lost £18,500.
The government said its policies had boosted pay for the lowest earners and ensured workers kept more of it.
Next week official figures for employment and average earnings are due. They may show average wage rises have risen above inflation for the first time in a year.
But that will not be enough to overturn the trend seen since the credit crisis.
The TUC compared the current wages squeeze with every major earnings crisis over the past 200 years.
It says this will be the biggest relative real wage loss since Lord Nelson's day and that even during the Great Depression era and the revival from the Second World War real wages recovered more quickly, in 10 years and seven years respectively.
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