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TGI Fridays workers walk out over tips and wages

Workers at two branches of the American diner chain TGI Fridays are holding walk-outs over changes they say will cost them hundreds of pounds a month.
The firm has introduced a new pay policy, which redistributes customer tips from waiters to kitchen staff.
The 24-hour strike will affect branches in Milton Keynes and Covent Garden.
The Unite union has forecast a "summer of disruption" by unhappy employees. The firm said it pays its staff fairly and is working to find a resolution.
Flagging consumer spending on casual dining combined with rises in the minimum wage are squeezing profits at mid-market restaurants like TGI Fridays.
In February the chain introduced a system that takes 40% of tips paid by customers on credit and debit cards for redistribution to back-of-house staff.

'Greedy' owners

Unite said the aim was to reduce staff turnover in kitchens by giving them a pay rise without increasing costs.
But the union said it would cost waiting staff on the minimum wage up to £250 a month in lost income.
Dave Turnbull from Unite said it wasn't a question of waiting staff not wanting to share with their colleagues, but was about "greedy" owners who "no longer want to pay their hardworking staff anything above the bare minimum".
The union said the action would be repeated and spread to further branches on consecutive Fridays, starting next Friday at the Trafford Centre, in Manchester, and London's Haymarket Piccadilly.
TGI Fridays operates 83 restaurants across the UK. Its UK business is backed by Electra Private Equity.
Mr Turnbull said: "Unite is warning TGI Fridays of a summer of disruption if management don't do the decent thing and sit down with us to find a sensible solution to this dispute."
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