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Rent costs full-time workers every penny earned until May

A year's rent takes up every penny earned by full-time workers until the first week of May, analysis by BBC News reveals.
A middle income earner in England would work 86 days to rent an average two-bedroom home, five more than in 2011.
In Scotland and Wales the number of working days needed to cover their rent fell to 79 and 71 days respectively.
The Residential Landlords Association said property owners were not making "a fortune" out of tenants.
We have created a clickable map showing the change in the number of working days it takes to cover the rent in each local authority area in Great Britain. Scroll down the story to try it.
Rising property prices have made it harder for millions of people to buy a home and the number of households renting privately has reached a 30-year high, according to the English Housing Survey.
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