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Sports Direct reviews relationship with staffing agencies

Following “continued commentary regarding the working conditions of its employees and casual workers”, Sports Direct has announced a review of its relationship with staffing agencies. 
The retailer announced this morning it was to review all terms and conditions applicable to agency workers and it would consider implementing additional “variations” once that review is completed.
Founder Mike Ashley is to personally oversee the review, which is expected to start in the New Year.
It was recently reported that an undercover investigation by the Guardian found potential breaches of employment legislation.
Alleged abuses included:
• docked wages for those arriving late to their shift, leading to pay cheques below the minimum wage
• a 'six strikes' policy whereby anyone receiving six strikes in six months has their employment terminated. Strikes can be given for matters such as excessively long toilet breaks and using a mobile phone in the warehouse
• daily searches by security staff to ensure no items were stolen
• a strict clothing policy, including a list of 802 banned brands.
Sports Direct’s statement today denies some of the allegations, though says some clothing brands – the ones sold by the company – are banned to help ensure there is no theft, likewise with the security searches. 
Recruiter contacted both Transline and The Best Connection, agencies supplying Sports Direct.
Transline said it would support Sports Direct through the review, while The Best Connect decline to comment.
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