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Police Scotland reviews recruitment to reduce shortfall

Police Scotland is reviewing its recruitment process, including relaxing rules around fitness tests, driving licence requirements and tattoos, and searching for an e-recruitment solution – all in a bid to reduce a staffing shortfall.
A report of the Scottish Police Association this week said if application levels and attrition rates continue at the current pace, the force will be faced with a 30% shortfall in the desired workforce number of 17,234 officers.
“The number of applications has been the singular most significant issue for the recruitment function over the last two-and-a-half years. Insufficient applications have put pressure on the recruitment function and a variety of other force areas, including vetting and training, such that progress towards achieving the strategic objectives has been very challenging,” the report read.
And with some aspects already in place – the driver licence necessity being dropped from October, for example – next steps include the development of a recruitment microsite.
Currently under production, the site aims to improve communication and the recruitment process for candidates. 
The force’s recruitment brand would also undergo an overhaul, including marketing templates to make this function more strategic and proactive rather than reactive.
The report also said during its investigations of the recruitment process, it found applications forms were potentially difficult to fill in and were “the biggest loss of potential candidates anywhere in the recruitment system”.
The forms have since been updated and simplified. 
The force is considering options for an end-to-end e-recruitment system.
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