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Recruiters divided over forging greater cross-channel links in event of Brexit

Recruiters on either side of the channel are divided over linking up with partner agencies to place candidates, in the event of the UK leaving the European Union (EU).
In a speech this morning, Prime Minister David Cameron laid out demands for a renegotiation of the UK’s membership of the EU ahead of an ‘in or out’ referendum set for 2017.
But should the UK leave the EU, recruiters are split over whether they would forge greater links with partner agencies on either side of the channel.
Colin Woodward, director at construction staffing specialist Contract Scotland, told Recruiter while his firm does not currently have contingency plans in the event of a Brexit, concerns around the quality of EU candidates mean he would be unwilling to work more with agencies on the continent.
“The main difficulty we have is getting construction clients here to take on candidates who have got different backgrounds, experience and knowledge etc.”
The difficulty is that standards of Polish and Romanian candidates and recruiters, for example, work to are different to in the UK, he explains, “so it’s far easier for us to do it ourselves”.
But Philippe Amiel, a recruitment consultant at French digital staffing specialist Promel, said a Brexit would mean he would need to forge greater links with UK recruiters to do business on this side of the channel and would not be put off in doing so should the UK leave the EU.
The PM’s demands include:
• Protecting the single market for both Eurozone and non-Eurozone members
• Ensuring the EU can compete with the likes of China and India in terms of trade
• Exempting Britain from an ever-closer union with Europe 
• Enabling the UK to control migration in line with promises made in the Conservatives election manifesto. 
These promises include a commitment to ensuring people coming to UK from the EU must live in the country and contribute for four years before they qualify for in work benefits or social housing.
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