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Graduates Suffer Six-Year Freeze in Starting Salaries

UK employers have frozen graduate starting salaries for a sixth consecutive year, according to the latest XpertHR Benchmarking research on the graduate labour market.
Despite ongoing economic recovery and an upturn in graduate recruitment activity, more than two-thirds of employers reported a freeze in graduate starting salaries between 2013/14 and 2014/15. Among the minority who have raised graduate starting salaries, most increases from the previous year are tightly bunched between 1% and 3%.
Across the whole economy, the median graduate starting salary is £23,500 for 2014/15, while the mean or average figure is slightly lower, at £23,304. By broad industry sector, private-sector-services organisations offer the highest median graduate starting salaries, at £24,000. This compares with median graduate starting salaries of £23,500 in manufacturing firms and £20,000 in the public sector.
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