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Why do 1 in 4 Graduates Quit Within a Year of Starting Work?

Graduates are rushing into the wrong roles for fear of having a hole in their CV after university, with the result that a quarter of them expect to quit their first job within a year of starting it.
The level of “churn” in new hires is not surprising as a third of them spend less than five hours researching they company they end up working for – however temporarily.
The findings make worrying reading for British companies who collectively spend nearly £900m a year trying to attract the best and brightest university leavers and come in a new report from advisory firm CEB.
But it’s not just youngsters worried about hard-to-explain gaps in their work history who are causing the problem – the companies that take them on them are too focused on attracting only what they perceive as the very best talent, according to new research contained in the report, titled Driving New Success Strategies in Graduate Recruitment.
The whole process needs to be rethought according report author Eugene Burke, chief science and analytics officer at CEB.
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