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UK salaries lag inflation despite employment recovery, report shows

Employment in the UK has returned to ‘pre-crash’ levels while wages remain low and their growth behind inflation, according to newly published official figures.
A new report from the Office of National Statistics show that UK employment surged to 73.1% – the highest level recorded since the financial crisis. The report also shows that the number of people claiming job seekers allowance (JSA) has also decreased to 1.04 million, down by 36,300.
Despite the decrease in unemployment, wage growth fell sharply to 0.7% down from 1.7% – amid inflation that surged to 1.9%.
Prime Minister David Cameron however welcomed the new figures, seeing them as an endorsement of his economic policies which include a series of public sector cuts. Speaking to BBC news, he claimed that the UK had now returned to the record employment levels of 2005.
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