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Firms to be forced to justify pay gap - new report

The country's biggest public businesses may soon have to publish the gap between the pay of their chief executive and an average worker.
Business Secretary Greg Clark says directors of all companies with more than 250 employees will be required to disclose and explain this difference - known as the "pay ratio".
Equal pay campaigners, business and investor groups welcomed the plan.
But the TUC said it was "a first step" and even tougher rules were needed.
In recent years shareholders have become increasingly vocal over executive pay levels, and have voted against what they see as excessive pay awards, most notably the high sums paid to former WPP boss, Sir Martin Sorrell.
But top level remuneration, particularly chief executives, is often linked to the performance of the share price.
The new rules, as well as introducing the publication of pay ratios, will also require listed companies to show what effect an increase in share prices will have on executive pay, in order to inform shareholders when voting on long-term incentive plans.
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