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Deloitte gender pay gap jumps to 43% as partners included

Women earn 43% less than men on average at accountancy firm Deloitte, updated figures have shown.
The figure takes into account the earnings of those at the top of the business - the partners - who are predominantly male.
The accountancy giant said that it paid men and women in the same roles equally.
All firms with more than 250 employees are required to report gender pay gap figures by 4 April.
But government guidelines say that partners in firms, which include accountancy and law firms, do not have to be included in this data.
This is because partners take a share of the profits rather than being directly paid by the companies.
Deloitte is the second of the big four accountancy firms to report updated figures. EY was the first of the big four to publish figures which took the earnings of its partners into account.
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